Constitution and bylaws



1. The name of the Association is “The Nova Scotia Naval Officers’ Association”, (NSNOA) hereinafter referred to as “The Association”.

2. The Association is a branch of the Naval Officers’ Association of Canada.

3. The objects for which the Association is formed are;

a) The promotion and maintenance of interest in Naval affairs,

b) The welfare of all former and retired officers of the Royal Canadian Navy and it’s Reserves, and of officers of the Canadian Armed Forces who have served at sea in HMC Ships, and

c) Cooperation with and support of other organizations which are interested in Naval affairs.

4. a) ORDINARY MEMBERSHIP in the NSNOA is limited to persons of good character who;

(i) hold the Sovereign’s Commission or Warrant (other than a Warrant issued to Warrant Officer ranks of the Canadian Forces), and have served for at least one year in Maritime Command; or,

(ii) have been appointed a Midshipman or Cadet or held a Commission or Warrant in the Naval Services of Canada or of the British Commonwealth, or

(iii) have served as an Officer in the WRCNS, or

(iv) provided that no person shall hold any office or serve as a Director of the Association while he or she is a Regular Officer or a Reserve Officer on unit strength of the Canadian Forces.

b) Members in good standing of other branches of the NOAC who transfer residence to Nova Scotia shall be members in good standing of the Association for the remainder of the fiscal year.

5. a) ASSOCIATE MEMBERSHIP in the NSNOA is open to former or serving officers of navies of foreign countries formerly or currently allied with Canada provided they are nominated by two Ordinary Members and approved by the Executive.

b) Associate Membership may also be granted, on request, to;

(i) Honorary members who cease to be eligible for that category by virtue of leaving their office; and

(ii) to surviving spouses of deceased members who wish to continue their association with the NSNOA; and

(iii) persons who are recognized as either friends or
benefactors of the Navy as evinced by their strong
interest, support and influence in Naval matters,
provided they are nominated by two ordinary members
and approved by the Executive.

6. HONORARY LIFE MEMBERSHIP may be offered to persons who are members, or eligible to become members, of .the Association whom the Association wishes to honor. Nominations shall be made by the Executive for approval at the Annual General Meeting.

7. HONORARY MEMBERSHIP may be offered ex-officio to persons holding specified office or position whom the Executive consider should be so honored, or to persons who have rendered service to the Association.

8. VOTING PRIVILEGES shall be restricted to ordinary members and honorary life members in good standing.

9. ANNUAL SUBSCRIPTION shall be determined by the Executive and

subject to confirmation at the Annual General Meeting. Members whose dues for the current year are still in arrears by 30 September of that year shall be deleted from membership.

10. THE OFFICERS of the Association shall be the President, the Vice-President, the Secretary and the Treasurer. They shall be elected at the Annual General Meeting.

11. THE EXECUTIVE of the Association shall consist of the officers, the immediate Past-President, and up to four other members as may be appointed by the President. The Association representative elected, or appointed, to be a Director of the NOAC shall be a voting member of the Executive. The quorum shall be three voting members, one of whom must be the President or the vice-

12. THE DUTIES of the Executive shall be to make rules as they deem proper and to amend or repeal any rule previously made. Such rules, amendments or repeals shall have the same force when promulgated and published as if made at the Annual General Meeting. However, any action under this section shall be brought before the next General Meeting for ratification, and if not then approved and ratified, shall cease to be in force and be deemed to be annulled. The interpretation put upon the Constitution and By-Laws, by the Executive shall govern.

13. THE PRESIDENT shall preside at all general meetings, enforce the Constitution and By-Laws, and generally supervise the affairs of the Association. He shall ex-officio be the delegate to the Annual General Meeting of the NOAC. The Executive may appoint an alternate if required.

14. THE VICE-PRESIDENT shall act as President at a general meeting or other official function when the President is not able to be present.

15. THE SECRETARY shall call all the meetings and conduct the correspondence of the Association; keep the minutes of all meetings; make all promulgations and notices to members; keep a current role of members and provide each new member with a copy of the Constitution and By-Laws.

16. THE TREASURER shall have custody of all financial records, receive and keep account of all dues and other monies paid to the Association, prepare a list of members who are in default of dues when required, disburse Association funds as
directed by the Executive and prepare an annual financial statement of the Association for presentation at the Annual General Meeting.

17. a) THE ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING shall be held in the month of April every year. Notice of the time and place of the meeting shall be mailed by the Secretary in sufficient time to reach all members at least one week in advance of the date of the meeting.

b) The order of business shall include;

Minutes of the Previous Meeting,
Business Arising out of the Minutes,
Agenda Items, (previously published) and
Election of Officers.

18. a) GENERAL MEETINGS. Special General Meetings (in addition to the Annual General Meeting) may be called upon the request in writing of ten members who shall specify the business to be discussed, or by the Executive. Notices of such meetings shall be as for the Annual General Meeting and the purpose of the meeting shall be specified.

b) At all Meetings the majority of votes shall prevail.

c) The quorum for the General Meeting shall be 20 Members.

19. AMENDMENTS TO THE CONSTITUTION AND BY-LAWS shall be introduced by either the Executive or by members at a General Meeting. Notice of proposed amendments must be given in writing to the Secretary at least thirty days previous to the meeting. The Secretary shall thereupon notify, by mail, all Members of the proposed amendment.

20. AN AUDITOR shall be appointed at the Annual General Meeting. He shall render his report to the President for transmission to the Executive and promulgation to the members at large.

21. AN ANNUAL REPORT shall be prepared by the President, approved by the Executive and presented to the Annual General Meeting. This report shall contain an abstract of the proceedings and business of the Association and the audited financial statement for the previous fiscal year.

22. a) FINANCE. The fiscal and business year shall begin on the first day of January and end on the last day of December. As approved by the Executive, the Treasurer shall maintain account(s) for the Association in Financial Institution(s) whose accounts are guaranteed by the Canada Deposit Insurance Corporation. As approved by the Executive, the Treasurer shall invest surplus or reserve
funds in Financial Institution(s) whose investments are guaranteed by the Canada Deposit Insurance Corporation.

b) During the Annual General Meeting no motion may be introduced from the floor involving financial expenditures in excess of three hundred dollars. Proposals for expenditures in excess of this amount shall be submitted early enough that they can be placed on the agenda.

23. VACANCIES. The Executive shall fill any office or place on the Executive which becomes vacant for the remainder of the current year.

24. DISSOLUTION. Members in good standing may vote by mail should a Special General Meeting be called for the purpose of dissolving the Association. Four-fifths of the membership voting shall be required to approve.